These are covers made to “wrap around” a paperback or hardbound book. There's an additional $10 fee if it's for a dustjacket that requires interior flaps (see below for examples).

The price of the wraparound includes creating the spine and back cover, and making it into a PDF file (as most sites require). This does NOT include the front cover. If you have a front cover made by someone else, please send it. If it’s one I made, I already have the files. If you don’t have a front cover yet, we'll need to create one, which will come with an additional fee that depends on your needs. (For instance, a custom cover would be $65 + $65 for making the wrap for a total of $130)

If you want to do the cover in pieces – create the front cover first, then come back later for the wrap around – that’s perfectly fine! It’s a good way to split the cost up so it’s not an all at once wallop. Also, sometimes authors want the front cover ahead of publication for advertising, and since we can’t make the wrap around until the book is completely finished, splitting it would be the best way.

In order to create the wrap around I will need some things from you: Your publisher of choice, the trim size (this is the physical size of the book such as 6x9 or 5x8 inches), the final page count (after the interior – aka text document – of your book has been formatted for PAPERBACK – this is different than the eBook file), and any text or images you want on the back. Without those things, I can’t make the cover. Depending on which publisher you’re using, I may or may not need your ISBN or barcode.

As for what to put on the back – that’s up to you. You can put your book blurb, reviews, your bio, images, your logo, or nothing at all. It’s completely up to you. There is no wrong or right formula. On the spine, I’ll put your book name, author name, and any series or subtitle. If you want anything else – such as a logo – please let me know. If a book is too thin – has too few pages – there will not be room on the spine to put text. There’s nothing I can do about this, and trying to add microscopic text will get the cover rejected.

If, for some reason, the cover is rejected within 30 days of my sending the file, I will fix it for free. After that time if it needs adjusted (for instance if the publisher’s requirements change, you change the page count, or want some other changes made such as the book description or a new title) there will be a $20 fee for touch ups.

**These covers are NOT for sale – this is a gallery of covers I’ve created for others over the years**

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