If you're interested in having me create a book cover, please message me at joleene@joleenenaylor.com. It's best if you have some idea of what you want, but if you don't we can come up with one together. Please read this FAQ BEFORE contacting me. Please include which package(s) you're interested in in your email. Thank you.

before requesting an original art work cover, take a look at stock photo sites such as http://canstockphoto.com or http://dreamstime.com and look for artwork there. They have a lot of it that we can tweak (such as changing hair colors/eye colors) and it can save you some money.
All prices listed are in US dollars.



Package #1 - $35 (+cost of image licenses) - Pre Made Cover
This only includes covers I have premade - from THIS collection. I will change the words to your title, author name and subtitle if applicable. If you want major edits - such as a different image, major edits, new font arangements, etc - then it is no longer a premade and falls into one of the next two categories.

Package #2 - $45 (+cost of image license if applicable) - Ebook or audiobook cover - I Have my Own Photo
This is for authors who already have their own photo/artwork for the cover or who have already chosen it on a stock site. I will be happy to purchase the image from a stock site (such as canstockphoto or dreamstime) though the cost of the image license is added to your total fee. Basically this is a cover that I don't have to hunt for the photo(s) or create the artwork for (this also includes photos that are on my flickr page so long as you've chosen it ahead of time). Also includes laying the font and up to five edits.

Package #3 - $55 (+cost of image license) - Ebook or audiobook cover - I Need You to Find a Photo
This is for authors who do not have a photo and who have not found an image they want to use, in other words, I need to locate the image for them. I will send you links to the image(s) I find ahead of time so that you can choose one before I begin to make the cover. Also includes laying the font and up to five edits.

Package #4 - $100 - The Original Artwork Cover
This is for authors who want me to create simple art work for their covers. Due to time constraints I don't do a lot of these, and may suggest that you drop Boris Rasin a message because he's very good. I can create artwork from a sketch, photo, or from a detailed description. I will email you a sketch first, then a line drawing, and then the colored product. Also includes laying font and up to five edits.

Package #5 - $20 - The Touch-Up
This is for authors who already have a cover I created for them, but want something changed (A new title, new image, etc.) if only ONE element changes (for example, just the title, but the images remain the same) then it falls under a touch-up. However if you want a new title, AND a new image, then it it is a brand new cover at that point. This also only applies if it is a cover *I* made.


Audio Book Cover - Add $20 - We've already done the ebook
This is for authors who have had me create the ebook cover already, and just need an audiobook version. Audiobooks are squares instead of rectangles, so it involves moving elements around, and will not look exactly like you ebook cover - OR if you want it to look exactly like it, we can center it and add black borders on the sides. Let me know which of those choices you prefer. If someone else created the cover, so that I don't have the layer files, then it may cost more if I need to reproduce layers.

Paperback Wrap Around - Add $55 (+the cost of any image licenses)-I Have my Own Images/We Do Not Need any New Images
Includes a back cover and spine. I will need your FINAL page count AFTER the book has been formatted for paperback, your trim size (6x9, 5x8 etc), and your paper choice (cream or white), and all of the text and images you want on the back. This includes laying the font and up to five edits.

Paperback Wrap Around - Add $65 (+the cost of any image licenses) - Find Me an Image
Includes a back cover and spine that I need to find the photos for. I will need your FINAL page count AFTER the book has been formatted for paperback, your trim size (6x9, 5x8 etc), and your paper choice (cream or white), and all the text you want on the back. I will send you links to the image(s) I find ahead of time so that you can choose one before I begin to make the cover. This includes laying the font and up to five edits.

Hardback Wrap Around - Add $75 (+the cost of any image licenses) - I Have my Own Images/We Do Not Need any New Images
Includes a back cover, spine, and the front and back flaps. I will need your FINAL page count AFTER the book has been formatted for hardcopy, your trim size (6x9, 5x8 etc), and your paper choice (cream or white), and all of the text and images you want on the back. If your publisher has a template or a list of measurements for the cover, that is even better. This includes laying the font and up to five edits.

Hardback Wrap Around - Add $85 (+the cost of any image licenses) - Find Me an Image
Includes a back cover, spine, and the front and back flaps. I will need your FINAL page count AFTER the book has been formatted for hardcopy, your trim size (6x9, 5x8 etc), and your paper choice (cream or white), and all of the text and images you want on the back. If your publisher has a template or a list of measurements for the cover, that is even better. I will send you links to the image(s) I find ahead of time so that you can choose one before I begin to make the cover. This includes laying the font and up to five edits.

More Choices Same Fonts - Add 10$ per image
This is for authors who can't decide what image they want and would like to see multiple covers to choose from all with the same font arrangement (colors may vary). Each extra cover is 10$ and includes 2 edits. After that stage you'll need to choose one or the other to continue editing under the five edits included in your cover package, or add another 10$ per secondary image for more edits.

More Choices Different Fonts - Add 20$ per image
This is for authors who can't decide what image they want and would like to see multiple covers to choose from with different font arrangements. Each extra cover is 20$ and includes 2 edits. After that stage you'll need to choose one or the other to continue editing under the five edits included in your cover package, or add another 20$ per secondary image for more edits.

Ebook Formatting for One Publisher- Add $45
This is for authors who need their manuscripts formatted for Smashwords. I will format the document to Smashwords/Amazon/Barnes and Noble requirements and will run an epub check on it. If Smashwords/Amazon/Barnes and Noble has a problem with the file within 30 days of my formatting it, then I will make any changes for free, however this does not cover my changing the files forever as they change those requirements or you change your mind. If you would like your ebook formatted for more than one publisher (each of the three have different requirements), then add 10$ per publisher - example, a manuscript formatted for all three publishers would result in three files and cost you 65$. You will receive one word document per publisher.

Paperback Formatting - Add 65$
This is for authors who need their book formatted for paper back/Print On Demand. If KDP/LightningSource has problems with the document within 30 days of my formatting I will fix it for free, however this does not cover my changing the files forever as they change their requirements or you change your mind. You will receive a PDF file and if you like a word document.

Re-Formatting for Paperback or Ebook - Add 20$
This is for authors who have manuscripts that have already been formatted but that need reformatted due to the author adding things, the submission requirements changing at the publishing websites, etc. If, after I get the document, I see that it has been formatted incorrectly from the get-go - meaning the whole thing needs formatted from scratch - I will send the author a message to let them know, as this will then throw it into the 45$ bracket above.

Website/Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Advertising banners - Add $30
This is for authors who need advertising banners for their blogs, websites, Facebook cover images, Twitter, or other places. Please send me any text and images you want/need on it, along with the pixel dimensions it needs to be. You can usually get this information from the website that the banner is for. If the banner is for Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, I already know the dimensions. Additional banners in the same style (for instance you want matching banners for Twitter and Facebook) are 10$ each.

Twitter/website Wallpaper - Add $30
This is for authors who need wallpaper for their Twitter pages, websites, etc. please send me any images that you need.

3D book covers (up to three angles) - Add $10 (plus the cost of any stock images)
This is for authors who want their book covers to appear "3D" for advertising purposes. NOTE: Smashwords and Barnes and Noble will NOT accept 3D covers. If you have a wraparound I will use the spine from it, otherwise I will design a spine that goes with the ebook cover we designed. Please let me know which three angles you want in advance. Add $10 for every additional three angles (six angles would cost 20$ etc.) Each angle will come with both transparent background and white background. If you want a different color let me know. 3D images with backgrounds (such as a table, etc.) will incur further charges.

Box Set 3D cover - Add $45 (plus the cost of any stock images we need)
This is for authors doing boxed sets who want a 3D version for either Amazon or advertising (Smashwords & Barnes and Noble will not accept these). Please let me know the title of ALL books in the box set in their correct order. I will design a simple "box set" cover and also the spines.

Single sided Bookmarks, Business Cards - Add $45 (Plus the cost of any images we need)
This is for authors who want to have bookmarks/business cards etc. by a printer. I will need the details of the file you need to submit - the image size/dimensions, file type (like PDF or JPG), and what you would like on it. In this case you will probably want to use your pre-existing book cover, but should we need any stock images, the licenses are extra.

All Other Graphics: Advertisements/Banners/Flow Charts/Infograms/etc. - Add 45$+
If it's a graphic, I can make it. end me the details of your project and I'll let you know what I need and a final price.



I've contacted multiple cover artists-

I understand that some authors prefer to work this way, and that's your choice, but I don't. If you wish to have several artists creating work for you and then plan to choose the one you like from the selection, then please do not contact me. This may sound harsh, but many authors who do this then won't pay for the work I've done unless they choose my cover from their selections. I am sure that you are 100% honest, but I have been burned too many times to take the risk. I do respect your right to commission artists this way, but please respect my feelings as well and only commission me if you're serious about my doing the cover.

My book is a thriller/romance/nonfiction/YA/Christian/Gay/Lesbian/erotica/etc. Are you still interested?

Yes. I can make a cover for any genre, in a variety of styles. You just need to let me know what you're looking for. The only books I won't create covers for are books whose only purpose is to openly mock ANY religion because I don't feel comfortable lending my name to them. Anything else is fair game. Adult language and situations don't bother me. I write them, myself.

I sent you an email, so why haven't I heard from you?

If you sent me an email and have not heard from me in a couple of days there may be one of five reasons:
1: I did not get the mail.
2: It may be in the Spam folder. I admit, I don't check that as often as I should. I forget.
3: You sent your mail Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I am almost never available on those days.
4: My net or electricity may be down. We live in a rural location and often lose power when the weather is bad.
5: I may be unavailable due to health related issues. I sometimes loose a few days to being sick.

If you're worried, then please resend the mail.

Can I call you on the phone?

Umm... Honestly, I prefer to work through email because I get lousy reception. Besides, a book cover is primarily a visual thing, not a verbal one.

Can I send you something through snail mail?

Sure. Not everyone has access to a scanner, and sometimes they have sketches or pictures they want to share. Ask for my address and I'll send it to you. Though, be aware it takes at least one extra day for me to get mail because we live in a rural location.

Where can I get a photo to use on my book cover?

You can get photos from many sources; you can take them yourself, you can buy them from stock photography places, you can search for a free Creative Commons licensed photograph on flickr ( http://search.creativecommons.org/) or you can use one of mine. I have an extensive selection of stock photography available on Flickr viewable at http://www.flickr.com/photos/pandora_6666/collections. Unless otherwise labeled, all images were taken/created by me.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON FLICKR: When browsing Flickr make sure that you're still in my photo stream. It's easy to end up in someone else's, and I can't speak for their photos. If in doubt, look in the lower right hand side, right under the black background (where it turns to white) for "photo by" and check that it says Jo Naylor. If it has another name there, then it is not my photo!

If you're stumped for a cover idea, I have two "lightboxes" on dreamstime you might want to look through. Just Neat Images is random images I've "favorited" because I think they'd make good covers. If your book is more erotic in nature, I also have an Erotic Images folder where I have favorited photos that might make compelling covers. I DO NOT OWN THESE PHOTOS! We would still have to purchase the image license for them.

What stock photography sites do you use?

I have accounts at Dreamstime.com, istockphoto.com, fotosearch.com, shutterstock, canstockphoto and 123rf.com. But, where your wallet is concerned, I recommend canstockphoto as they have the cheapest images available that may be used for book covers. If you find an image you like at a site not listed, I can create an account there and purchase the image, or you can purchase the image and send it to me as an attachment in an email.

How much do stock photos cost?

I will generally send you the link to the page the stock photo is listed on. To determine the price check the pricing table on that page. For canstock it is one dollar per credit (ie 10 credits = $10) and for Dreamstime and Istock it is $1.50 per credit (ie 10 credits = $15). Shutterstock images are always $15 a piece. If the image does not fit in your budget then let me know! Chances are we can find something else, or work something out.

Why would I need a stock photo?

If your cover is going to include photographs of people or houses, then it's best to purchase a stock photo because they will have a model or property release associated with them. Also, sometimes you can't find what you want for free.

What does the basic license on those stock photos let us do?

Each site is different and if you want to read the legal stuff then I suggest you visit the site and read it for yourself. Basically you can use the book cover with the image to print so many (usually 499,000 copies), use it on your websites, blogs, etc etc. with no additional fees. If you sell more than 499,000 PRINT copies of your book, then you will need to purchase the extended license (which is usually around 100$) You do not need me to do this for you, though I am happy to if you prefer it.

What if I have my own images?

That's fantastic! But please make sure you can legally use those images. This means that you have GOTTEN PERMISSION FROM THE PERSON WHO TOOK THE PHOTO. You can NOT just take a photo from a google image search and use it on a cover because that is illegal. The photgrapher, or artist, owns that image the same way you own your book, and just as no one can take your book and publish it without your permission, you can't publish someone else's work without their permission. By sending me an image, you warrant that you have the legal right to use the image on a book cover, and you take full responsibility for any legal repercussions - in other words if you didn't get proper permission and the copyright holder wants to sue someone, they can't sue me.

How does the process work?

Send a message to joleene@joleenenaylor.com. If the subject says BOOK COVER, that would be great! Don't know what to write? Here's a sample letter:

Hello, I heard about you from ____ . I'm looking for a book cover for my ebook/paperback "Book Title" by "author name" and am interested in package #_. I am publishing through smashwords/amazon/whatever. The book is a (insert genre, such as thriller, romance, etc) that is about (any info you want to share). For the cover I thought (insert your cover idea and/or any links you might have to images etc). Thank you.

Once you send me your idea, I'll send you a link to a sketch/mock cover as soon as possible, for your approval. If you want something changed at this stage, please tell me, because it's easier to change it then. Once we have it the way you want it, I'll make a tentative final version and email you a small copy. If you're happy with it then, once payment has been made by you, I will email you the final version(s). If not, I will make any changes, and send the preview again, etc.

IMPORTANT: When the cover is finished and I send the final files please, please, please, let me know that you received them! No, we don't need to be the best of friends, but I appreciate a note that just says "Thanks, got it" so I know cyber space didn't gobble them up. You've paid for this, and I want to make sure you get what you paid for!

After I send you a mail, how soon will I hear from you?

I'll try to answer you as quickly as possible, but this isn't my full time job and I have a lot of commitments. If that's a problem, then I'm sorry, but I can't be chained to the computer 24/7. Though I try to answer queries within 48 hours, or less, it may take up to a week. If you haven't heard from me by then, then I probably didn't get your email.

Why did you send me to someone else?

I may have to pass on your project, in which case I will recommend an associate I think would be a good fit. It does not mean that I don't think your idea is compelling, or that I don't like you, or anything else. It simply means I am short on time. My writing career has recently picked up and I need to focus on it while I have some momentum.

What if I have a very specific idea for my cover?

Fantastic! But note that if we are using stock images we may not find EXACTLY what you have in mind. You may need to compromise or hire an artist to paint your image. Ask and I can recommend some.

I've got the files and already paid, but I've changed my mind. Do I have to pay for a new version?

If you have already agreed to the cover and received the files, and then decide that you want a completely different cover, then yes, you will have to pay as though it were a brand new cover because that's exactly what it is. If you just one ONE element changed (such as a new title) then it is a $20 fee.

When/How do I pay you?

Payment is expected before I mail the files to you. To pay you can use paypal or a personal check. PayPal should be sent to demonhunter_2001@yahoo.com (It will come up as Charles Naylor - he's my husband, so it's all good). Please let me know that you've sent the payment so I can keep an eye out for it. If you want to pay by check or money order then contact me and I'll send you the information.

So who owns this cover?

Once you have the cover it belongs to you. If the photo and/or artwork came from me, you can do whatever you want with it; move it to a different medium, make t-shirts out of it, use it on your business cards, make wallpaper for your website, whatever. You won't need to pay me any royalty fees! The artist fees are one time only. I do reserve the right, however, to use the cover in my albums, portfolio, website or for linking purposes, etc.

If the cover features photography or artwork by someone else, then you may not be able to do some things with it such as create printed materials, etc, depending on how the image is licensed. If it is a stock photo I purchased, ask and I will send you the link the to the stock site's licenses (or you can find it yourself). The images are actually licensed to YOU, not to me, so I can not reuse them but you may be able to. If you want a copy of the license let me know and I'll send it to you, too.

How do I credit you?

When the cover is finished I will send you the exact wording you'll need to include in the front matter or copyright area in the front of your book. If you sent me the images used, then remember to credit the source of the artwork or photo, even if it's yourself.

some examples of cover credits are:

(If the artwork came from me as well as the layout) Cover Art and Design by Joleene Naylor
(If the photo came from me as well as the layout) Cover Photo and Design by Joleene Naylor
(if the artwork or photo are from someone else and I just put it together) Cover by Joleene Naylor

What will I get?

You will get two image files; one will be a thumbnail version that you can use in blogs, signatures, and other promo material. Next is a High Res (High Resolution) png saved at 300 dpi for you to upload as your cover on Smashwords (per the newest Smashwords guidelines), Amazon, etc. Should you ever choose to move your book from an ebook to a print book via Lulu, KDP or others, you will need the high res image. Because of the print "trim", however, some covers may need slight alterations to be print ready, so if you know you're going to print your book please tell me in advance because if I have to alter it later (after you have aproved it and recieved the files) there will be a $20 fee.

When you publish an eBook, the cover size and book size have usually very little to do with one another. If you need cover dimensions other than 6x9 please tell me at the beginning. If you don't know what size cover you need, you should check the FAQ's or help areas of your publisher's site. If that doesn't help, you can try to contact the publisher directly and ask.

If your book is going directly to a POD, please be sure to tell me what trim size you need - ie 6x9 or 5x8, etc before I start work on the cover. If, after you have approved it and received files, you need it redone to make it fit a different size, it is a $20 fee.

Can I get more than one copy of my cover in different sizes? For instance will you make one for my blog or a .gif version?

Sure. I'd be happy to send you other sizes or other file extensions (example.jpg .gif .png, etc.). I know that some sites will only accept certain sized images or types, so it's not a problem.

Will you send me the photoshop files?

No - because I don't use photoshop. I know, it's terrible. I'm committing sacrilege, but that's life.

Will you send me the stock image we licensed?

Of course! Just let me know. But, keep in mind you can't use them for another project that the license doesn't cover. Each stock site has different licensing requirements, so be sure to check them before you use the image for something else. (Unless you ask otherwise, all images are standard license).

What if I change my mind?

There are many reasons you might change your mind during the cover process. Maybe you've decided not to publish your book, or maybe you've found someone else's work you like better. I understand this, however, if I've already completed a cover for you, or done a large amount of work, it's karmatically "not nice" to just disappear and leave me hanging with nothing - especially if I've already spent money on stock images for you. Whether you use the cover or not, I still spent the same amount of time on it. I will still charge you at least a partial fee.

Do I NEED a back cover?

Only if you're publishing through KDP, LuLu or another POD, and then it depends on what you want. You might be able to do it yourself in the cover creator. If you are publishing eBook only then, no, you do not need a back cover. In fact, there's nowhere to put a back cover on eBook sites.

Do I need to send you a barcode?

Probably not. If you publish through KDP or Lulu they will put the barcode on the book for you, and if you're going through Lightning Source they provide the barcode for free in the cover template. If your book is eBook only, there is no barcode. If you're publishing through someone else, then you will need to ask their customer service about the barcode.

Do the file names matter?

It does for Lightning Source. I will name your cover file with the correct name so all you have to do is upload it. For KDP, Smashwords, etc. the name does not matter. However, I suggest you check your publisher of choice's site before you upload to avoid naming errors.

So, about those cover fonts....

Yes, fonts have to be licensed in order to use them in commercial capacity. If you have a particular font you want me to use, then it needs to be available for free commercial use (most font sites will tell you this when you download, or check the "read me" files that come with the font) or else you need to have purchased a license for the font (which will entitle me to use the font ONLY for your project, and then delete the files from my computer). In either case, you will need to send the font file to me, or a link where I can get it.

If you would like to find a font, DaFont.com is an excellent site for fonts, and it tells you each font's license on the right hand side.

How do I upload my cover to Smashwords/Amazon/etc?

I actually have some tutorials on another website that are step-by-step through the publishing process. The websites may have changed a little since I made them, but it's pretty much the same thing.
        Barnes & Noble
        Create Space/KDP
Cover Creator

Do you also do illustration work?

I can, but at the moment it's probably not realistic for a large project.

I like your site. Did you make it?

Thanks. I did all of the design and graphic work for the website, but my husband programmed it.

Can you format a document for Smashwords that has images in it?

Yes, I can, and have. If you would like to see an example of an illustrated book on Smashwords then please look at this title The Do Nothing Day. If you would like me to format a document with images you will need to send the images as attachments and note in the file where each one belongs. Do not copy and paste your pictures into the document because that may make the file size exceed Smashwords maximum specifications.

Can you format an epub book for me?

I'm afraid that epub files are a little beyond me at the moment. If you are submitting to Smashwords, Amazon or Barnes & Noble they accept word documents and convert them to epub files themselves. Yes, I format for all three of those. However, if you submit straight to Apple or Kobo you have to have the epub file, which I can't do. I may try to learn one day. until then, I've heard good things about LibreDigital Though I have never used them myself. You can also use Calibre to create the file yourself from a different format, but again I have not tried this, so results may vary.

Do you do editing work?

I will do light copy editing while formatting - in other words if I see a typo I will correct it. I no longer do full manuscript editing. If you are looking for an editor I can highly recommend Sharon (who has beta edited several of my books). Check out her website at http://devilinthedetailsediting.blogspot.com/

If you have any questions not covered here, or are interested in a cover then please message me at joleene@joleenenaylor.com . Hope to hear from you soon!


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