A cover designed just for you and your book! In order to start, I’ll need the book title, author name, any subtitles or front cover text, and a rough idea of what you have in mind. Please remember that we’re limited by stock images, so very specific, detailed scenes may not be possible – and honestly, they’re not a great idea, anyway. It may seem tempting to recreate whole chunks of your book, but the cover’s job is to convey the feeling and tone of the book quickly, not necessarily to reproduce an intimate moment of storytelling.

I’ll search for images, and probably send you several to look at it, then start the mock up after you’ve chosen your favorite(s).

The final price will include the cost of the stock photo license, whose price depends on what image you choose, and what stock photo provider is selling it. 123RF, iStock, Shutterstock, and Dreamstime all have good images that vary in price.

If you’re planning to make the book into a paperback and want a trim size different than 6x9, please tell me. Different sizes have different ratios, and if we later have to make it into a 5x8, etc. it will mean moving things around and changing the layout, so it’s easier to just start with the correct size.

If, for some reason, the cover is rejected within 30 days of my sending the file, I’ll fix it for free. After that time, if it needs adjusted (for instance if the publisher’s requirements change, or you want some other changes made, such as a new title) there will be a $20 fee for touch ups.

There is a $10 discount if you have your own image that WE CAN LEGALLY USE – or you do your own search and find the LEGALLY USEABLE image that you want me to use, because that saves me time, and they say time is money. This includes finding an image on a stock site that you need me to purchase and sending me the direct link (unless you have an account already, it’s probably cheaper for you if I get the license because I buy bulk credit packs).

**These covers are NOT for sale – this is a gallery of covers I’ve created for others over the years**
All images copyright of their original creators.
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