These are covers where I create the artwork for you from scratch. Because they’re time consuming, they’re not always available. Not to mention they’re more expensive for you. Before you choose this route, I’d suggest really looking into available stock images – there’s a lot of artwork that can be licensed cheaply, and in many cases it’s never been used by anyone else.

Of course, if you still want original art, we can go that route (assuming time constraints aren’t a factor). I’ll need to know what you want me to draw – what kind of image you have in mind – and any details like color, tone, or materials. I’ll send a few roughs before committing to the final version so that we’re all on the same page. If you change your mind during the process and decide you want an entirely different image, there may be an additional charge for the time I spent on the abandoned concept.

If you’re planning to make the book into a paperback and want a trim size different than 6x9, please tell me. Different sizes have different ratios, and if we later have to make it into a 5x8, etc. it will mean moving things around and changing the layout, so it’s easier to just start with the correct size.

If, for some reason, the cover is rejected within 30 days of my sending the file, I will fix it for free. After that time if it needs adjusted (for instance if the publisher’s requirements change, or you want some other changes made, such as a new title) there will be a $20 fee for touch ups.

**These covers are NOT for sale – this is a gallery of covers I’ve created for others over the years**
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