Returning clients please note the price changes. If you would like to commission a book cover, please read the Frequently Asked Questions. Then send an email to
Covers that I've pre-designed. The title, author name, and subtitles will be changed to match your book. When inquiring about a specific design, please include the design name. **Additional edits to the original design cost extra**
A cover designed especially for you. There's a $10 discount if you have your own image or have already found a licensable image - however the image needs to be 100% useable. (See my FAQ for more details on what images can be used and what images can't.)
A cover where I create the artwork. These include a few edits, but if you start changing the concept completely, there will be additional charges for the additional work. Not always available due to time constraints.
A cover made for your paperback or hardcover book including a back and spine. If we’ve already made the front cover, it’s $65. If not, then it is $65 plus the cost of the front cover. To make this I *MUST* have your trim size and final page count.
A cover made to sell a boxed set on Amazon (Smashwords will NOT accept these) or to advertise your book on websites, social media, etc. The $10 price only valid if you have a pre-created 2D (aka flat, ebook style) cover. Otherwise there will be additional fees for creating the cover first.
Please see the Prices page for more detailed explanations!

Touch up - $20
Audio book cover - $20 If we have already created the eBook cover.
Paperback wraparound - $65
Hardback wraparound cover - $75
More choices - $20 per extra version
Basic eBook formatting for one publisher - $50
eBook formatting for extra publishers - $10
Advanced eBook formatting - $65
Basic paperback formatting - $65
Advanced paperback formatting - $80
Formatting touch ups for paperback or eBook - $30
Website/Twitter/Facebook/advertising banners - $30
Single sided bookmarks or business cards - $45
Simple illustrations - $55+
All other graphics: Advertisements/Banners/Flow Charts/Infograms/etc. - $55

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My book is a thriller/romance/nonfiction/YA/Christian/Gay/Lesbian/
Erotica/etc. Are you still interested?

Yes. I can make a cover for any genre, in a variety of styles. You just need to let me know what you're looking for. The only books I won't create covers for are books whose only purpose is to openly mock ANY religion. Anything else is fair game. Adult language and situations don't bother me. I write them myself.

Can I call you on the phone?
I prefer to work through email because I get lousy reception. Besides, a book cover is primarily a visual thing, not a verbal one.

Can I use a photo I found on Google?
Probably not, but send me the link to the page where you found it (not the image search) and I'll see.

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